Notary Jurat Stamp
Notary Jurat Stamp
Notary Jurat Stamp

Notary Jurat Stamp

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Product Description
  • 1-1/8" by 2-11/16" Impression
  • ExcelMark 3068 Self-Inking Mount

A jurat stamp is a type of notary stamp used specifically for jurat notarizations. A jurat is a certification by a notary public that a signer has sworn or affirmed to the truthfulness of the contents of a document under penalty of perjury. This is usually done by the signer taking an oath or making an affirmation in the presence of the notary.

After the signer swears or affirms to the truthfulness of the document, the notary completes the jurat by signing and stamping the document with the jurat stamp. This serves as an official acknowledgement that the signer made the oath or affirmation in the notary's presence.

It is important to note that a jurat is not the same as an acknowledgment. An acknowledgment is a notarization where the signer only acknowledges that they voluntarily signed the document, while a jurat involves an oath or affirmation.

Not intended for use as a notary seal.

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